Durrrr Challenge Continues
February 24, 2022

The poker media is a buzz again with the continuing saga that is the "Durrrr Online Poker Challenge," the prop bet between Tom "durrrr" Dwan and anyone brave enough to step up to the plate.

The challenge, for those uninitiated (who have apparently been on vacation, in a third world country, without a cell phone, or hiding during the day in some form of dark cave), basically guarantees challengers 3 times their $500,000 bet if they are able to end up even a dollar ahead after playing Dwan simultaneously on four online Hold 'em or Omaha tables after 50,000 hands.

The first challenger to sit with Dwan is Patrick Antonius, who is currently down after a little less than four thousand hands according to numerous sites like
Poker-King and

Though every site is currently announcing different numbers (depending on when the articles were written), most seem to agree that Antonius, though down, is still very close to Dwan (given the size of the blinds) and is only one or two good sessions away from pulling ahead.

Meanwhile, railbirds at Full Tilt Poker seem to be loving the action, which continued over the weekend and earlier this week on the "durrrr challenge" tables at the $200/400 Pot Limit section of the Omaha Hi area of Full Tilt Poker. Action will continue for at least another 45,000 hands, or until one of these poker mammoths finally calls it quits.

Story by Mark Anderson

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