Texas County Attorney Seeks Clarity On Charity Poker
March 3, 2022

According to a recent article in Pokerati (from the Poker Beat's Dan Michalski) Kerr County Attorney Rex Emerson has officially asked Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott his opinion regarding the legality of certain types of charity poker tournaments.

Specifically, the Kerr County Attorney wants to know whether a planned $100 fund raiser ($50 for a BBQ dinner and $50 for the prize pool of a poker tournament) in his county is legal under Texas' often confusing gambling statutes and whether the location of the the planned event (a community building privately leased) qualifies as a "private place" under state law.

Emerson is only asking for an opinion, so Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's response will not in any way be legally binding, however if favorable, it could successfully open future doors for other charities in the state that may currently be holding off on running lucrative poker fund-raisers due to the often murky waters that are Texas' state gambling laws.

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Story by Mark Anderson

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