EPT Scandinavian Open, Day 1B
February 21, 2022
The 460 runners that entered the EPT Scandinavian Open, presented by, have all completed their day ones, and much like yesterday, it was a tough day to be a pro in Copenhagen. Many big names came ready to play and most of them went quickly to the rail, including Andy Black, Tony G and Katja Thater. EPT Dortmund Champion Michael 'Timex' Mcdonald was nearly a Day 1 casualty if not for a miracle river suck out, when his queens ran into Russell Carson's kings.

Many players have fallen, but 76 still remain, and each one is looking to take the lion's share of the $4,156,270 prizepool. Stay tuned to for more updates and a live stream of this event starting tomorrow, February 22nd.

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