EPT Dortmund Starts Today
March 10, 2022

The next leg of the European Poker Tour has just begun and this time tournament rounders find themselves in beautiful Dortmund, Germany.

This EUR5,000 buy-in, five day event at the Casino Hohensynburg is expected to attract nearly 700 players during its two day ones and already players like Christian "charder" Harder, Alexander Kravchenko, Barney Boatman, Ivan Demidov and William Thorson, have been spotted raising, calling and folding.

Players today and tomorrow will begin with 10,000 in tournament chips with starting blinds at 25-50. Those blinds will mercilessly increase every hour of play (barring breaks) until only one happy player remains holding all 6 million+ chips.

To get a taste of the action at the EPT Dortmund, visit for live chip counts, updates and videos from the event, and of course stick with PokerRoad as well, for news from Dortmund and live streaming video coverage, once play has reached the climactic final three tables later this week.

Story by Mark Anderson

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