Checking Up On The Bluff Online Poker Challenge
March 11, 2022

With one third of the month over for Bluff Magazine's Online Poker Challenge, it seems the list of 25 competitors is finally beginning to show some real separation.

Of the 25 players that started with only $200 on March 1st, with the goal of building the biggest bankroll in a month playing only sit-n-go and multi-table tournaments, online player Brian "SNo0oMAN" Hawkins is currently crushing the field with total winnings quickly approaching $10,000.

Following Hawkins is Shaun "ShaunDeeb" Deeb in second place with $3,898.88, and Garrett "gbecks" Beckman in third with $2,358.08.

There are four PokerRoaders still in the Challenge and although most are doing quite well, few at the moment are anywhere near challenging Hawkins for the lead. Of those four, PokerRoad blogger and frequent forum poster Bryan "Devo" Devonshire is in the best shape, currently in fifth place overall with a bankroll sitting around $600. Devo is followed by Maria "MARIAHO" Ho in 6th place ($550.81), Adam "AJunglen7" Junglen in 15th ($175.10) and Kevin "BeLOWaBOVe" Saul, bringing up the PokerRoad family rear in 23rd, with only $10.09 left in his LockPoker account.

There are 20 days left in the Bluff Online Poker Challenge, plenty of time to see some major changes in the rankings before it's finally decided which of the 25 players will grace a future cover of Bluff Magazine as the official Bluff Online Poker Challenge winner.

To follow the action visit for video blogs from the competitors as well as a complete and frequently updated BOPC leader board.

Story by Mark Anderson

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