Monthly Full Tilt Million More Than Meets Its Mark
March 17, 2022

Last weekend saw the return of the Full Tilt Poker Monthly $1 Million Guarantee tournament and once again Full Tilt easily met the posted guarantee, this time thanks to 2,355 players, each putting up $535.

Due to such a large starting field, the Monthly $1 Million Guarantee was able to pay the top 351 places and award a first place worth $216,012.38 to the eventual winner of the event, online player "grimmy101."

The final table finish positions for the Full Tilt Poker Monthly $1 Million Guarantee (3/15/09) were as follows:

1st. grimmy101 - $216,012.38

2nd. CharlieJean - $132,586.50

3rd. Chris "CzarBushov" Bush - $86,781.75

4th. BRO20 - $69,237

5th. POK3RDUUDE - $52,398.75

6th. brendand00 - $37,680

7th. GhostRideIt - $27,671.25

8th. vtlaxer09 - $21,666

9th. ChipConvergence - $16,485

To take part in this or other future Full Tilt Poker tournaments, join Full Tilt Poker simply by clicking here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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