Down To A Dozen At Wynn Classic
March 18, 2022

Day 2 of the $10,000 Wynn Classic Main Event saw 54 players reduced down to 12, thanks to a fast paced day that spelled the end to many well known pros.

A short list of some of the players that ended their runs on Day 2 would include Sorel Mizzi, Andrew Robl, Steve Billirakis, Marc Karam, Justin Bonomo, Jon "PearlJammer" Turner, Burt Boutin and Scott Seiver- who was eliminated early on by PokerRoad Radio regular Jimmy Fricke, in a very unusual way.

According to live updates provided by, the bizarreness began when Seiver went all-in on the river against Fricke in a large pot and was, to his dismay, eventually called.  Sevier had nothing but a pocket pair of twos to go with a board showing K-10-8-K-4, so he pushed his cards forward pretty much assuming any call meant he was beat.  Fortunately and unfortuantely for Sevier, Fricke turned up an unpaired Ace-Queen, which meant Sevier had the better hand but could no longer prove it, as the dealer in the interim had already mucked the forfeited cards.  Despite numerous appeals by Sevier, an original ruling that awarded the pot to Fricke, stood, and Sevier was sent to the rail well out of the money.

Fricke's good fortune only continued through the rest of the day and he eventually left the table in a solid 6th place, out of the twelve remaining players.

The final twelve players of the Wynn Classic Main Event are as follows:

Ed Perry (589,700)
Justin Newton (419,600)
Alex Melnikow (407,500)
Kyle Wilson (392,700)
Evan McNiff (321,500)
Jimmy Fricke (304,400)
John Haworth (198,400)
Wayne Boich (134,300)
Praz Bansi (134,000)
Keith Ferrera (113,200)
Cory Zeidman (84,100)
Adam Zinn (29,400)

Day 3 of the Wynn Classic Main Event begins again today and can be railed online at for live updates, chip counts and photos straight from the event.

Story by Mark Anderson

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