LAPT- Mexico Concludes After Slight Delay
March 18, 2022

The tournament that initially started live in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico three months ago, before getting cancelled and then restarted online at, finally concluded yesterday in Punta del Este, Uruguay, and with it the Latin American Poker Tour- Mexico, at last had a champion.

The winner of the LAPT- Mexico was Rory Cox, who earned the long awaited LAPT title along with a bonus $15,000 first prize, provided by sponsor, as all the original prize money had already been distributed to the 89 players that were still in contention when play was initially cancelled back in Mexico.

The final table finish positions for the LAPT- Mexico were as follows:

1st.  Rory Cox- $15,000

2nd.  Helen Prager- $11,000

3rd.  Pavel Naydenov- $7,500

4th.  Leonardo Emperador- $5,000

5th.  Steven Thompson- $4,000

6th.  Martha Herrera- $3,000

7th.  Bolivar Palacios- $2,000

8th.  Alex Brenes- $1,500

9th.  Victor Ramdin- $1,000

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Story by Mark Anderson

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