The Bubble Bursts in Copenhagen
February 22, 2022
Day 2 of the EPT Scandinavian Open presented by saw many players clamoring to make it past the elusive bubble, and many big names coming up just short. Some of the more notable early day 2 exits included Barny Boatman, Thor Hansen and Noah Boeken.

Play on Day 2 continued until the bubble officially burst, with the final 40 players making the money. This was unfortunate for Claus Tversted, the unlucky player who went out in 41st.

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The top ten chip stacks at the end of Day 2 were as follows:

Rasmus Hede Nielsen -- 295,500
Joris Jaspers -- 294,800
Johan Lund -- 290,500
Patrik Andersson -- 268,500
Jospeh Serock -- 265,000
Jan S?rensen -- 173,500
Ed de Haas -- 167,500
Timothy Vance -- 154,000
Peter Eastgate -- 154,000
Trond Erik Eidsvig -- 149,500

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