Final Six Set For Bay 101 Shooting Star Conclusion
March 20, 2022

Only six players remain of the original 391 person starting field that comprised this year's Bay 101 Shooting Star Championship and of those six, one bountied "Shooting Star" still hasn't had to sign a T-shirt.

Organizers always hope to have at least one recognizable "Shooting Star" at the TV final table, but this year that result was by no means a lock.  At the end of play on Day 2, 36 players remained and only 4 of them were "Shooting Star" players, those being Paul Wasicka, Hoyt Corkins, Kathy Liebert and PokerRoad's Joe Sebok.

Sadly neither Sebok, Wasicka nor Corkins were even able to crack the top twenty yesterday before meeting their fates, leaving only the "PokerKat" herself, Kathy Liebert, to represent the "Shooting Star" pros on television as she currently sits in fourth place overall.

Some of the other players that ended their runs during Day 3 include Amnon Filippi (12th), Freddy Bonyadi (9th) and Vivek "FLOG" Rajkumar (16th).

The final six players of the Bay 101 Shooting Star Championships are:

Chris Moore (1,476,000)

Thao Le (711,000)

Steve Brecher (2,016,000)

Tony Behari (2,046,000)

Kathy Liebert (1,180,000)

Chau Vu (352,000)

The final table of the World Poker Tour Bay 101 Championship is set to roll today at 4:00 p.m. PT.  To watch the action as it unfolds visit for live updates, chip counts and videos from the host of PokerRoad's The Poker Mind, Amanda Leatherman.

Story by Mark Anderson

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