Norway's Hevroy Wins Landmark LAPT Punta del Este
March 23, 2022

The Latin American Poker Tour Punta del Este, sponsored by, recently saw 327 players pony-up $3,700 ($3500 + $200) for a chance at the LAPT's first ever $1,000,000 plus prize pool. 

After three exciting days of tournament action, the lion's share of that prize pool ended up in the hands of Norway's Karl Hevroy once he defeated local Uruguayan player Alejandro De Arruaberrena heads-up for $283,580. 

For the second place finish, Alejandro earned over $150,000 (along with my nomination for poker's longest named player).

The final table finish positions for the 2009 LAPT Punta del Este were as follows:

1st.  Karl Hevroy - $283,580

2nd.  Alejandro De Arruaberrena - $155,420

3rd.  Angel Guillen - $99,920

4th.  Ronald Wasiel - $82,160

5th.  Oliver Rowe - $59,960

6th.  Waldemar Cogo - $48,840

7th.  Bolivar Palacios - $37,740

8th.  Magno Aragao - $26,640

9th.  Andre Ventura - $21,100

For more on the Latin American Poker Tour- Punta del Este, visit the LAPT official site at

Story by Mark Anderson

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