BluefirePoker Challenges Washington
March 24, 2022, an online poker training site featuring famous online player Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond, wants to end poker's skill vs. luck debate the old fashioned way - by just sitting down at a table and playing.

In a press release earlier this month, BluefirePoker announced an open challenge to President Barack Obama, or any member of Congress, to try to prove that poker is a game of luck by competing against any of the site's top players. 

BluefirePoker is willing to bet $1,000,000 against $1.00 that they will eventually win any match accepted, a tempting wager they believe anyone would be willing to accept if there was any chance at all that poker was purely a game of luck and just another form of gambling - as anti-poker advocates tend to argue.

Remarkably, more than two weeks since the challenge was offered and despite its near freeroll nature, President Obama has still yet to publicly agree to play poker against any of the BluefirePoker pros.

Story by Mark Anderson

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