HeadsUp Hires New CEO
March 25, 2022

HeadsUp Entertainment, the global media and entertainment company most known for the creation of the Canadian Poker Tour, has acquired Gregory F. Genge to fill the role of Chief Executive Officer for the company.

Before coming to HeadsUp, Genge was the Founder and CEO of the International Dynavar Group of Companies which, under his stewardship, saw 50-100% growth years for more than a decade until 2006, when he sold the company.

Along with being an avid poker player, Genge's qualifications for the job include a Masters in Business Administration from Queens University as well as numerous Entrepreneur of the Year awards.

"I am very pleased that we have been able to attract Greg to our organization." stated President, Founder and Chief Operating Officer Kelly B. Kellner. "The addition of his talents, skills and vision will allow us to implement growth strategies that will accelerate our business plan and enhance shareholder value."

Story by Mark Anderson

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