Two Jacks Featured On Funny Or Die
March 26, 2022

PokerRoad's Two Jacks In The Hole, starring Scott Huff and Joe Stapleton, has recently gained some serious web attention thanks to a Bon Jovi parody video they did, which is currently featured on the home page of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's highly popular comedy website

The video, which satirizes Bernard Madoff and the damage he's done to his people, is called "(Madoff) You Give Jews A Bad Name" and is also beginning to get some real traction on YouTube, despite being only recently added. 

The hilarious video stars Joe, Scott and the producer of The Two Jacks, Adam Sedie on the bass.

To check it out, visit the funnyordie home page or visit the Jack's new fan site,

Story by Mark Anderson

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