DoylesRoom Announces Bold New Challenge
March 27, 2022, the online poker site already well established as having some of the best bounty tournaments anywhere, is unveiling yet another one, and this time everyone's a bounty.

This Monday, March 30th, marks the first ever "Beat The Brunsons" challenge, a $10 + $1 buy-in bounty tournament that could potentially pay one lucky entrant $100,000. 

Every player that enters the "Beat The Brunsons" tournament will have a $5.00 bounty on their heads with some players, specifically the Brunson's, worth substantially more.  The five Brunsons competing in the tournament, Anjela, Ken, Todd, Pam and Doyle are each worth at least $250 when knocked out, with "Tex_Dolly" worth the most at $1,000.  Knock out all five Brunsons and win $100,000.

Some other ways to win in the "Beat The Brunsons" challenge include knocking Doyle out with his signature ten-deuce (worth $5,000), being at the same table when a Brunson knocks out a Brunson (buy-in returned), getting knocked out by Doyle himself (a free copy of one of Brunson's books) and of course winning the event, which along with the top prize will also award the victor $500 in casino credit for DoylesCasino.

Satellites for the "Beat The Brunsons" challenge are currently running around the clock and can be entered for as little $1.21.  To take a shot at this exciting new tournament join DoylesRoom now, to find out how just click here.

Story by Mark Anderson

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