Some cash game players who chose to play at UB on Christmas day received a pretty nice unexpected present, according to a recent press release from, when a player who lost with quad tens set off a Bad Beat Jackpot worth $377,770.05.

The player, “ROSCOE1206,” of course earned the largest chunk of that prize worth $123,097.66, with the second largest piece going to “ZMANJ,” who made an impressive Ten-high Straight Flush to trump the quads.

“ZMANJ” earned $62,032.43 from inflicting that bad beat, leaving the rest of the prize pool to be distributed around to the other players at that table ($1,322.40 each) and to the other 131 players at all the other Bad Beat Jackpot Tables as well ($322.40 each).

With the addition of that final major Bad Beat Jackpot, the CEREUS Poker Network was able to boast giving away over $17,000,000 during 2009 alone, and over $48,000,000 since the Bad Beat Jackpot’s conception.

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