Setting Long Term Goals
May 11, 2022

In last week’s column I highlighted a number of short-term goals that I’ve set for myself.  I haven’t set goals in quite some time.  The last time I did, I noticed a definite improvement in my results.  The short-term goals I came up with are good and fine, but it’s the long-term goals that would really mean I’ve covered a significant distance in improving my game.  Some of these goals I’d like to accomplish by the end of the year, others will take a little while longer.  Have a look at what I’ve come up with and comment below, or in our forums, with some of your own long-term goals.

1. Make Supernova in 2011: I’m not going to be able to reach Supernova this year, but I’m on track to make Silver Star in May (queue sarcastic congratulations) and should be able to swing Gold either this month or the following.  Come January I’d like to giver Supernova a serious go, and maybe Supernova Elite if things work out OK.

2. Win a seat in an EPT or NAPT event: I’d like to take off for a European poker vacation, but the NAPT events are closer to where I live, and they’d do just fine.  Pokerstars runs a ton of satellites for these events, and if I get my roll up enough, I might be able to sattie into one of these bad boys.

3. Cash for at least $1,000 in an MTT in 2010: I was hoping to do this during SCOOP, but so far I’ve only made it about halfway through the money in my best cash, which isn’t a lot.  In most of the tournaments I play, you have to get deep in the final table to break four-figures.  I had two cashes for about 1k in December and January.  Since then I haven’t been putting in the volume necessary to make this realistic, but I’ve been making up for that now and plan to through the end of the year.

4. Win a seat in the WCOOP Main Event: I probably could have grouped this one with the EPT/NAPT goal, but it should have more available ways to get in.  Another 5k event with a huge prize pool.

6. Win a tournament with over 100 runners: I’ve final tabled a lot, and gotten as high as second in tournaments with over 1,000 people, but have not taken one down with more than 90 participants. If Shaun Deeb can do it three times a day, I figure I can nail one. 

7. Get back into the 95+ percentile on Right now I am at a terrible 75.65% ranking.  I’ve been much higher, but have found myself in a bit of a downswing this year.  I’d like to turn that around, get my ROI back into the black, and climb that ladder.


Next week I’ll be writing my regular column.  After that I’m heading to Vegas for the World Series of Poker.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it, it’s quite a popular tournament.  Look for more Small Stakes, and more focus on the WSOP while I’m there (as well as my adventures in low limit cash games).




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