My Top Four Favorite Poker Prop Bets
March 29, 2022

Sure, this season of High Stakes Poker has some of the most exciting televised action we’ve seen all year, but it might be a prop bet between Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan that gets more attention from poker fans than any hands played.  After some negotiations, Ivey agreed to maintain a vegetarian diet for a full year.  If he makes it, he gets a cool $1 million from Dwan.  If he caves and goes for some ribs and wings, he’ll be $1 million lighter in the pocket.  Word on the street is that Ivey already bought out of the deal, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about some of the coolest or weirdest prop bets to ever come up at the poker table.  If you’ve got some in mind that we missed, head over to our forums and speak your mind.

Howard Lederer eats a $10,000 cheeseburger: Here’s how the scene played out: David Grey asks Lederer, a longtime vegan, if he would consider eating a cheeseburger for $10,000.  Howard responded that he would indeed put his ethics aside and polish one off, which is when Grey tried to call his bluff; turns out Howard wasn’t kidding.  The two were sitting at a PLO table and Lederer promptly called the server and ordered a cheeseburger, which he scoffed down in a matter of minutes.  For dessert, he pocketed $10k in chips.  How sweet, indeed.

E-Dog pulls off a golfing marathon: In June 2007, Erick Lindgren took a cool $350,000 off a group of other pros after winning a bet where he had to play four consecutive rounds of golf, while shooting under 100 on each round, walking the course and carrying his own bags.  Lindgren managed to pull it off despite the Vegas heat.  For the record, I’m taking bets to play one round of golf shooting under 99 sometime before the turn of the century.  So far, things aren’t looking good.

Sebok gets tattooed?: Our very on Joe Sebok hasn’t gone through with paying out his losing bet yet, but when he does he gets portraits of Gavin Smith and Jeff Madsen tattooed somewhere on his body for being the first amongst them to bust in the 2010 LAPC.  I tried to convince Joe via Twitter that he’d actually come out ahead in the bet if he just got a tattoo of Smith and Madsen kissing, but I don’t believe he’s taking my advice; probably a good idea.

Moobs: Brian Zembic got paid $100,000 for giving himself breast implants. The blackjack / backgammon pro also once won $15,000 for living in a bathroom for a month.  Unfortunately, he won the bathroom bet before the implant bet, making everything about this great, except for the timing.  For what it’s worth, Zembic was only required to keep his C-cups for a year, but after growing fond of them, he decided to hold onto them.

A “good effort” is well-earned by Huck Seed who once tried to stand shoulder deep in the ocean for 18 hours in order to make $50,000 off Phil Hellmuth.  He wasn’t quite able to do it, though. 

ImasmrtazzI thought Lindgren's bet was just four rounds under 100, not necisarily in a row. But he also had to break 100 playing from the tips while walking.0
tdelo7634I heard it was in a row, and he had a hospital standing by to give him IV fluids when he was done.0
JonVNever knew Lederer was a'd he get so big not eating any tasty animals?0
jaykc82I like John Hennigan's best that he could live in Des Moines Iowa for six months... he lasted 2 days. Also, on the Lederer bet, he offered Gray's money back if he would eat a few olives, which he hated, but Gray said no.0
SpartanJonV: I believe he became a vegan in order to combat the weight issue. Either way I think all those bets prove how degen some pros can be, both the people that do the bets and the ones that offer them.0
bwmasjrErick's bet was most def 4 in a row, there was a video of the whole situation up on, it might still be on there somewhere if anyone wants to check it out0