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I’m amazed at the stir caused by my previous blog, and generally, I refrain from commenting on opinions posted regarding them. However, in this instance, I feel compelled to clarify. When someone you care about is being picked on or slandered you can either ignore it or do something. (A perfect example is the time in the 6th grade when I got in a fistfight with a boy on the school bus who was picking on my little brother.) 99% of the time when people say nasty things about David or me, I ignore them.

But there’s also that 1% when I feel the need to respond. Since I couldn’t exactly voice my opinion to Pyrinnaid face to face (I wouldn’t know him if he were sitting next to me at the poker table), it seemed like my blog would be the perfect place to vent. And so I did.

I just want to be clear about something I said regarding online players. I said “…these types of players (young, arrogant, disrespectful) will inevitably lose their money to David or another top pro”. I do not, however, think that all young online players are jerks who will lose their money; in fact, quite the opposite.

I believe the majority of them to be bright, funny and terrific at poker. Things can always be taken out of context, hence this effort to clarify. Alas, there will always be haters and to them I say, hate on! This clip sums up how I feel about the subject. Say my hair ain’t luxurious…