March 8, 2022
Now playing: Cash Plays - 03-08-2021 Mental game coach Jared Tendler breaks down the psychology behind tilt and how to respond
Run time: 64:51

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@ESPN_Poker @lance_bradley @Kevmath Any idea why FTP/Stars websites don't have the FBI seizure notice?
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timofeeeThis is probably the best cash plays episode i've ever listened to... Thanks heaps for such great insight1
VeryMoonFunkI agree, this episode is extremely valuable. Listening to this will hopefully save me from a few tilty spews. Thanks Jeremiah and Jared!0
UmmTastyJared is great. I watched all his videos on stoxpoker and now I am I pumped that he just started putting out new content for Drag the Bar.0
IDontGambleI think everyone should check this out. I just found this today and turned in my application. Hopefully I am the lucky student.0
uNDERROLLEDYeah... The episode def started me down the righteous path of clear-headed donkey smashing. I will hire Jared when I feel I need help with any psychological aspects of the game, provided I have any money left to pay him.0