September 16, 2021
Now playing: Borgata WPT 9/16/08 Interview with Thayer Rasmussen and Vivek Rajkumar
Run time: 73:38

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with guests: Thayer Rasmussen, Vivek Rajkumar

man, that movie, "last house on the left" is freaking scary & disturbing. really hope they don't make one called "last house on the strand"
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playing BCPC in vancouver today, great start have 39k
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"what's this?" Hummus, I replied. "good with cheetos?" I don't think anyone that buys it gets cheetos too. Turns out it is great.
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Congrats to @jhelmig! Just gave him 2-day BMW Performance Center school for 2! He needed it lol: #giveawayweek
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