June 7, 2021
Now playing: 2010 WSOP with Brian Nadell Poker, Politics and Gavin goes off on Men Nguyen.
Run time: 58:20

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with guest: Brian Nadell

tonight seems like a really good time to crack a corona and stick in "point break" -best idea i was given today/tonight
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oops 4 month weight
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RT @JoshVandeZande: @CourtHarrington Are there any sponsored commercial breaks - Yes, Lock Poker, Club WPT, Blu Cigs, SportsGeek, etc...
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@ESPN_Poker @lance_bradley @Kevmath Any idea why FTP/Stars websites don't have the FBI seizure notice?
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aniketranadeI totally disagree with Gavin. First of all, how can he comment on bets made by Dwan if he doesnt know the exact nature of bets?? Besides, a big part of being a genius is arrogance.....every champion in every sport has an uncommon level of arrogance....If Gavin thought the Dwan bets were bad, wudnt he buy some piece of it??0