July 9, 2021
Now playing: 2010 WSOP with Host Joe Stapleton FInal numbers are in for the Main Event and race situations.
Run time: 83:18

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tonight seems like a really good time to crack a corona and stick in "point break" -best idea i was given today/tonight
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oops 4 month weight
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RT @JoshVandeZande: @CourtHarrington Are there any sponsored commercial breaks - Yes, Lock Poker, Club WPT, Blu Cigs, SportsGeek, etc...
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@ESPN_Poker @lance_bradley @Kevmath Any idea why FTP/Stars websites don't have the FBI seizure notice?
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uNDERROLLEDI can't believe you guys are arguing with Stapes about the domination. I actually like soccer as a sport despite most games being torturously boring to watch, I mean it's the world's game....... But it ain't THE MUTHAFOKKEN OLYMPICS! bro. The Olympics has such a massive statistical edge on the World Cup that it can't even be related properly to poker. It's like, AA vs a single deuce. 0