August 14, 2021
Now playing: The Detox Series with Matt Savage Matt Savage Joins Joe Stapleton, Jimmy Fricke and Jessica Welman on this episode and Who Said Twat?
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with guest: Matt Savage

Sick run to close the day out. From 28k all the way up to 196k to end. Riding my usual coaster, but ended at my high point. Back tomorrow...
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just kicked the dumbass who talked me into buying a hockey team in Tucson's ass at golf, at least i got 120 of the investment back
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10 min before start of league event. If you're playing online now you shouldn't miss this. Register now!
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New #CashPlays podcast on Tuesday with Jonathan "driverseati" Tamayo. @Nicolakpoker and I will ask about small blind play in Limit Holdem.
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