August 31, 2021
Now playing: PRR Skype with Jonathan Little Jonathan Little joins Jeremiah Smith, Court Harrington and JImmy Fricke. The guys also talk about the Sorel/Thorladen issue.
Run time: 82:14

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with guests: , Jonathan Little, Jimmy Fricke

The continues this Sunday, still time to get involved & in on all the value. $50 bounty on @jesswelman this week.
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Penalties are the least of their least for 2 years RT @jesswelman: Glad to see USC's penalty woes from last season are alive
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grimsly4523you guys have misunderstood the whole new sorel issue. This issue is not about multi-accounting it involves ghosting. Ghosting is using a program such as my pc along with an audio program such as skype to basically tell the backed player what to do. Basically once deep, the backer just has the horse press buttons for them.0