October 20, 2021
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album of the day/night, Bob Marley/"Legend"
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Day over, lost 300k pot right at end, have 307500
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Oil change, dentist, demolished & disposed run down storage building, & got some work done too. All before 2pm, not a bad start to the day
3 days ago - Follow on Twitter
@tehanj's stack in the mix game after doing an interview on Cash Plays. @NicolakPoker's stack in the foreground
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lostlessJust so you know a 2% chance is 49:1 odds. To convert from percentage to odds divide the likelihood of the two outcomes. Example: Phil Ivey has a 10% chance of winning the Main Event. Odds are: 90%:10% -> Reduce fraction -> 9:1 Otherwise love the show. Keep up the good work.0