March 1, 2022
Now playing: LAPC with Kathy Liebert Part 2
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@KristyArnett I saw it. You still looked sexy to me (once I applied the appropriate mathematical transformation).
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It's been a stressful day, but it could be worse. I could be married.
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@AgentMarco @Pokerati My point was that the withdrawal *request* process seemed to be working normally on PokerStars. (Unlike Full Tilt.)
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microballerEvaluating players based on "batting averages" is misleading unless you have minimum requirements built in. I'm sure there are many players who've played even less than Mimi but have higher ROI percentages and if you use "batting averages" would have projected higher total money won. It's important to appreciate the big difference between projected money won and actual money won. An accurate way to evaluate tournaments players is based on total money won from open events. Unless a majority of the money Kathy has won came from closed events, she's the #1 Female tournament player in the world.0