July 22, 2021
Now playing: Post 2010 WSOP with Gary Wise as Host with BJ Nemeth and Jessica Welman Poker and Congress plus this year's November nine.
Run time: 75:08

with guests: Gary Wise, Jessica Welman

View #3 from Santoroni, Greece
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@AllenKessler @WSOPTD If the public loves prelim events on TV, then they love them from afar -- ratings haven't been good.
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@NATALIEh8syou All I'm saying is that if you're going to throw up every meal, the least you could do is pick up the check.
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borispRe: used cars from rental companies... Ok, so randomly I know all about this. If you are buying a used car from a rental company, then go for it. The rental companies take the top % of their fleet, as measured by a specified checklist filled out by a mechanic, and they sell these as used cars. This is generally less than 10%. The remaining percentage is sold to used car dealerships, or at car auctions, etc. So if you are dealing with a second hand dealer DO NOT buy. You will do better by going to the rental car company themselves. (What you sacrifice with the rental car company is selection regarding color, amenities, etc.) If you are buying a used car, and you plan to finance it, and you want reliability, and you don't care about velvet leopard print seat covers, then hands down you will do the best by going to a rental car company. PS sending out some gary wise pro tour mtg love hehe0