October 24, 2021
Now playing: News Briefs & Tournament Poker Roundup w/BJ, The Redhead, and Wolfman The crew talks poker lawsuits, WPT Festa Al Lago, and Ivey dice rumors
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@georgesylak @pokermaven I had to make that same point to a few people. WPT's Production Crew brings more eyeballs here than everyone else!
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There sure are a lot of different accents on this flight to London that I'm on. Oh yeah. I'm on a fight to London. #wtfmate
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JohnnieWalkerJust for clarification... In the segment on the Icey dice rumors I can say this much: First off: the two employees Ivey was mad at was: 1) the Stickman 2) the Boxperson (A croupier is a Roulette As a craps dealer myself, what likely happened is that the die or dice landed in a manner that caused the dice to not fall flat...a likely scenario is the dice ends up resting against a casino chip so as to be leaning at an angle. Casino rules dictate that gravity plays in this instance...should the chip not have been there and the dice was to land flat, what would the call have been. Obviously Ivey argued with the stickperson first who basically passed it onto the boxperson who makes the final call...the gaming comission can get involved if the player is still not satisfied but this is likely the end of the argument.... So Ivey got pissy and left...stuff like that happens all the time...funny thing is with a degenerate gambler, ( and Ivey is in this case playing a zero-sum game) is he will be back to play there at some point....they always do.0