August 2, 2021
Now playing: The Big Game Week 3 Episode 1 Barry breaks down some of his hands played during The Big Game
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@KristyArnett I saw it. You still looked sexy to me (once I applied the appropriate mathematical transformation).
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tarrasch117Thanks for the insight Barry, I would listen to anything else you had to say about your appearance on the show. I enjoy watching you play on any TV show, especially HSP.5
SquigyThanks Barry... You always have a great way to analyze the game. Your insight has helped me learn how to analyze my play.3
jogforfitnessBarry. Your insight is priceless. Hearing a breakdown of your thoughtprocess as the hand unfolds is truly facinating. Hope you take the time to breakdown the Joe Cada hand where you outplayed him to fold KK. Thank you for putting this out there.4
IFlyLikePaperGood stuff Bear! I watched that Big Game episode again and I love to hear the insight. I think there are lot of fans who would like to get more.3
IFlyLikePaperI see we like to use the word insight. But that truly is the essence.3
RhinoDigitalBear , you will start givin some hands from the other episodes , or else ! lol j/k , but please do!2
Hughes4feedback feed back feed-back. yes, people really like to listen to this1
markThank you Barry ! I save all your hand reviews. They are beyond all praise. I so wish you could have someone create a book from your thoughts. I bought AotR but these hand reviews have such DEPTH. I here leave my first ever comment in response to you saying you would post more if you get feedback. P.S. TwI were so funny I d/l them all1
LINDALYONI have saved all your TFTB and your previous hand analysis - they are compelling listening and I have listened to them over and over again. I also have your book "Ace on the River" that I frequently refer to. Please continue with TFTB and hand analysis. 0
listeningAm on a forum hiatus but did just find this - wow - so great! Don't know if you are aware at the Pokerstars TV site you can go to "every hand" and filter (sort) by player name: Voila! All your hands come up and you can reference them by number. I think you might be able to put links here to the specific hand videos over there, then we can watch while we listen to you. I think. I guess. Anyway, it might be more efficient. Hope you find the time for more of this. I am determined to start learning NLHE myself, and this would be so great for newbies like me as well as more experienced players. Take care, Lis~0
wintergreen10Hi Barry Thanks so much for the insight. It's great to get the perspective of someone who has played all types of cash games at the highest stakes over a long period of time. I think many poker players can relate to you as you think in a very clear and honest way. Is there a button on the remote we can press to hear just the players and not the commentators?0
badbeatnikThanks barry you think really deeply about the game...0
David BraunerBarry, I just love the hear your thought process. Thanks for the insight.0
craigsnowThis is great content. Please more more more !0