BJ, that’s why I put interview in quotes, since it was a one-sided conversation.

I wasn’t calling you out, Lon, and I caught the word interview in quotes. (Nice touch!) I was trying to comment on/question the reasons why Wicked Chops considered this so newsworthy.

Personally, I don’t fault Layne Flack for playing with him. They were clearly friends before this scandal went down, and you judge your friends differently at times like this. Being friends with a cheater doesn’t make you a cheater.

If anything, this footage reminded me of O.J. Simpson after he was acquitted. Does that mean the guys golfing with him were also murderers?

When O.J. went golfing, there was footage similar to this, and some news channels showed it. Was it newsworthy? No. If going golfing is newsworthy, then so is every other activity (seeing a movie, grocery shopping). And by definition, not everything can be newsworthy. It’s salacious infotainment; not journalism.


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One of the only reasons we trust sights like pokerstars or fulltilt is because people like Berry or Ivey say it is a fair game.

That might be the only reason *you* trust online poker sites, but that is the *last* reason why I would choose to trust one. Do celebrity endorsements carry this much weight with you for all products and services?