Sebok whats up? UB rapes the rights of internet players

I mean UB constantly disappoints and this seems pretty f’ed up. A key logger? Are you kidding me? So now what… we have to be worried about some employee in Costa Rica getting access to our other poker sites, bank accounts, email, and basically anything else that we use our computers for.

Honestly, I’ve given UB chance after chance. I won a UBOC last January and they locked up my money for 2 months. They kept asking me to send in my information (passport & bank statements) for verification… which I did 5 times and they never received it. After the 1st time I called them a few days later and they would claim they never recieved an e-mail, so I’d send it again and a few days later… well you get the idea - except 5x times. Finally I was able to move my money after two months of ordeals. Months later and they still don’t receive my e-mails for transfer verification. Their customer support is by far the worst… its just a joke. All of the problems with moving my money was enough to make me quit right there. But I was still making $ on the site so I decided to stick it out.

During the UBOC this year, due to a software error, I was never seated for round 2 of the $1,000 heads up matches. I completely timed out… never playing a hand. I was irate to say the least. UB admitted wrong, but only compensated with a UBOC ME ticket (my equity was clearly worth more). I mean… I get screwed over during their yearly tournament series AGAIN?!!?! WTF is wrong with this site.

The actual UB cash game scandal didn’t affect me directly. In a way though, it affected the whole online world. After the run-ins I’ve had with them I am simply suprised that I still play there. But now this keylogger+screenwipe stuff is putting my other accounts at risk… I think I’ve had enough.

Its about time for everyone to just cash out from UB (gl with the verification), uninstall it from your computer, and change all of your passwords for everything. I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel comfortable with a proven irreputable company having access to ALL of my online information. I just don’t put all of my trust in a Costa Rican UB employee sitting in a ****ing strip mall in San Jose… but hey… maybe I’m wrong.

I wonder when other UB pros (*cough… nudge, nudge, wink, wink) will just start dropping like JohnnyBax and Rizen did?