I read Daniel’s blog and he is right about he and I having some heated emails back and forth about the upcoming Presidential election. At least we are both concerned about what is happening in the United States.

He is 100% for Obama and while I am actually leaning that way myself, I get hot under the collar when anybody is totally adamant about controversial things. It is actually funny, and here is the last email between us until yesterday. Daniel had just called me a naive old man.

Daniel: Obama has accomplished 50 times more than Hillary in the Senate – in much less time. He, from the beginning, was against the war in Iraq – Hillary voted for it. He is by far the candidate that would change the world view of America. The less people that hate America the less enemies you create around the world. He has a lot of work to do cleaning up George W’s mess.

Doyle: I don’t want to continue these discussions because I think you are the naive one when you say things like this. Obama’s record is a disaster and not anywhere close to Hillary, much less 50 times better. You are one hard-headed Canadian and won’t change one idea when you think you are right. At least I look at both sides and say, “Well, maybe.” I guess that is why you are an excellent poker player – you go with your gut. I often wondered where Todd came from. Now I know your parents had another baby boy and slipped him into the Brunson crib because you sound exactly like him.

Isn’t that hilarious? We sound just like two college kids having a bull session. All I know is something had better happen in America in a hurry or we are going to have some hard times. $5 a gallon gasoline is just around the corner.

After going to the dentist and having three teeth filled, I came back home in time to bet on my next door neighbor, Lebron James as his Cleveland team took on the Boston Celtics. I took nine points and went over 179 and never came close on either bet.

These NBA playoffs have been a nightmare for me. One thing for sure, I’m not betting against the Lakers anymore. Kobe Bryant is awesome. He may be better than Michael Jordan was and that’s really saying something.

By the way, Daniel, as my son Todd told you, go back to Canada. You aren’t even a USA Citizen! – DB