Internet phenom Tom ‘durrr’ Dwan has won tens of millions online over his short career, but definitely suffered a loss the night before the WPT Championship. Although chronically late, Tom promised that he would be on time to a bar to meet his friends including Alan Sass.

Tom was late and, as a result, would have to wear a different hat of Alan’s choosing for the duration of the WPT championship. The hat from Day 1 was either stolen or accidentely thrown away, but we have procured the pink feather hat the Tom wore on Day 2.

We decided that with all of Tom’s recent exposure and his hoards of fanboys online, we could probably get a decent amount of money for charity if we auctioned off the hat. The proceeds will go to the The One Drop Foundation, a charity started by Guy Laliberte. One Drop aims to get healthy and clean drinking water to countries and people who are dying because of a lack of it.