#1: (most important): I am honest.
#2: I live by 5 basic rules.

— Everything happens for a reason.
— Nothing is as bad as it seems. Even if you’re dead…heh…you’re dead, who cares?
— Do whatever it takes to make you happy, but always count on yourself.
— No matter how bad your life is, it could always get worse…
— Do everything in moderation.

I don’t see myself playing poker for a living for the rest of my life. My next job, after I’m 45, is to be a mother and maybe a wife if any guy is strong enough to stick with me. I have problems…nothing contagious or anything, but I’m a little bit crazy.

Ladies, don’t be alarmed. I always have the best intentions. It’s true, I like to win, but who doesn’t? I am playing poker because I love it. I don’t play because I want to be the best. I don’t play to be able to say that “I’m the best female player in the world.” I don’t really care about that. Plus, who wants to be the best? Too much stress, I think.

What I care about most is being able to win and being able to take care of my family. So…I wish all women who take the chance to play the best of luck. If I beat you, it’s nothing personal, if you beat me…I hope you get far. But if you’re a bitch…I probably will either tell you or won’t talk to you at all.

Guys, I am nowhere near what people may consider a “great player”. I will probably always make stupid mistakes now and then. I don’t care if you think I am hot or not. I don’t care if you think I’m good at poker or not. In fact, I would rather you think I suck. Because I’ll keep learning. So…be careful what you say, because I might get better because of you.

Check in from time to time to see what’s going on with me here…