Understanding the Irish Lottery: A Guide for UK Players

Understanding The IRISH LOTTERY

The Irish Lottery, also known as the Irish Lotto, is over 30 years old, having started in 1988. It continues to be the most popular lottery game in Ireland. British players love the Irish Lotto, too, due to its excellent odds and extras like the Lotto Plus option. One lucky British winner even scooped over €5.5 million playing online!

This twice-weekly lottery gives players two chances every week to win big. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday night. With appealing jackpot prizes that can exceed €10 million, it’s no wonder many Brits try their luck on the Irish Lotto. This guide provides everything you need to know about playing, from understanding the basics to tips and strategies.


The Irish Lottery is a classic 6/47 lottery game. To play, you choose six numbers between 1-47. If you match all six main numbers drawn, you win the jackpot. An additional bonus ball is also drawn from the remaining pool of 41 numbers. Matching this can also help you win prizes in some of the lower tiers. The Irish Lottery is a national lottery operated by Premier Lotteries Ireland on behalf of the Irish government. Funds raised help support good causes across Ireland. So, by playing, you contribute to supporting communities, too!

Some key ways the Irish Lottery differs from other popular lotteries like EuroMillions include:

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irsih lottery how to use

Let’s talk about how to play the Irish lottery. It’s not very tough to understand or to play; just follow the simple steps mentioned below, and you will be a master in no time:

Step 1. Choosing Your Numbers

The first step is to choose six numbers between 1-47. You can pick your own using sentimental numbers, essential dates, or the Quick Pick option for randomly generated numbers. Some tips for picking numbers include:

  • Avoid picking all numbers from just one number group if picking yourself; mix it up across all the groups.
  • Consider using a balanced mix of odd/even numbers.
  • Leverage Quick Pick for entirely random number selection.
Number GroupsRange
1 to 91 to 9
10 to 1910 to 19
20 to 2920 to 29
30 to 3930 to 39
40 to 4740 to 47

Step 2. Deciding on the Draws

You’ll also need to choose which draw(s) you want to participate in. Draws happen every Wednesday and Saturday at 7.57 pm. You can play one or both draws. Some sites even let you purchase entries up to a year in advance if playing online. Playing multiple draws gives you more shots at winning.

Step 3. PLUS Option

For an extra €1 per pay line, you can opt into PLUS. This gives you automatic entry into Lotto Plus 1, Lotto Plus 2 and the Lotto Plus Raffle. These supplementary games offer more chances to win prizes. Special Lotto Plus Raffle events occasionally happen with a €1 million top-up prize fund. PLUS entries are automatically included in these, too.

Step 4. Advance Play

Finally, pick how many draws in advance you want to play for. Options usually range from a single draw to up to 52 draws (1 year) when playing online. Multi-draw bundles cost more upfront, but some benefits include:

  • Don’t have to buy new tickets each time.
  • Locks in ticket price even if the jackpot grows
  • Convenience of automatic participation
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Playing Online vs. Offline

You can play the Irish Lottery by visiting authorised retail outlets in Ireland. But Brits can conveniently play online using sites like Lottoland. To bet online from the UK:

  • Register and log in to your account.
  • Navigate to the Irish Lotto page
  • Select numbers or use Quick Pick
  • Choose draws and opt into PLUS
  • Submit an entry and pay

Winnings are automatically credited to your account. This added convenience makes online play popular amongst British players.


While luck primarily governs lottery outcomes, some players apply strategies in hopes of tipping luck in their favour. Common approaches include:

  • Leveraging Quick Pick for entirely random number selection not swayed by personal biases
  • Using essential dates like birthdays to select numbers with personal significance
  • Opting for number balances like low/high or odd/even mixes

In reality, no strategy definitively improves your probability of winning. The key is consistency to build up more chances. Play your chosen numbers regularly in every draw. Some sound tips to ensure responsible play include:

  • Only play with money set aside for entertainment, not essentials
  • Take a break from playing after a specific budget or time limit is reached
  • Have other hobbies so gambling doesn’t become too central
  • Avoid playing when depressed, bored or drunk
  • Leverage available player protection tools online

Sites like Lottoland let you easily set deposit limits, session timers, reality checks and self-exclusion. If you need additional help with problem gambling, contact BeGambleAware for free, confidential advice and access to treatment. GamCare also offers a helpline and advisors. The key is balancing entertainment from playing the lottery with ensuring it does not negatively impact other aspects of your life. Always stay aware of playing responsibly.

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With odds of 1 in 10,737,573, matching all six is unlikely but could net the multimillion Euro jackpot. Lower tiers offer better odds but smaller prizes.

Prize TierMatch NumbersOddsPrize Estimate
16 main numbers1 in 10,737,573Multimillion Euro jackpot
25 main + bonus1 in 1,789,596€4,500
35 main numbers1 in 44,740€450
44 main + bonus1 in 17,896€45
54 main numbers1 in 918€18
63 main + bonus1 in 688€9
73 main numbers1 in 54€2.70
82 main + bonus1 in 72€1.80

Playing PLUS supplements main entries with Lotto Plus games:

Prize TierMatch NumbersOddsPrize Estimate
16 main numbers1 in 10,737,573€225,000
25 main + bonus1 in 1,789,596€2,250
35 main numbers1 in 44,740€225
44 main + bonus1 in 17,896€22
54 main numbers1 in 918€9
63 main + bonus1 in 688€4.50
73 main numbers1 in 54€2.79
82 main + bonus1 in 72€1.80

PLUS entries also participate in special Lotto Plus Raffle events for chances at €1 million+ pools.


responsible gambling
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Playing lotteries responsibly is crucial. Before playing, set a budget for lottery expenditures and do not review it. Consider your overall financial situation, and never play with money needed for necessities. It’s easy to get tempted to keep playing when a jackpot reaches exceptionally large. But stick to your predetermined budget regardless. Chasing losses by playing more to try and win back prior spending is also ill-advised.

If playing is ever causing you problems or distress or is no longer enjoyable, consider taking a break or quitting altogether. If you need additional help with problem gambling, contact BeGambleAware for free, confidential advice and access to treatment. GamCare also offers a helpline and advisors. The key is balancing entertainment from playing the lottery with ensuring it does not negatively impact other aspects of your life. Always stay aware of playing responsibly.


We hope this guide gave you a good understanding of the Irish Lottery and how to play online or when visiting Ireland. With twice weekly draws and a top prize climbing into the multimillion Euro range, it’s no wonder this lottery remains popular in Ireland and with British players. Just remember to always play responsibly within your means and have fun!

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