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Two plus two poker

Since its founding in 1998, Two Plus Two Publishing has become an authority in poker. With over 50 million posts and 500,000 members, it is the largest poker forum on the web. Additionally, the company publishes popular poker books and produces weekly podcasts.

Two Plus Two has shaped discussions around major poker events through its active forums and has evolved into an important community for poker enthusiasts by providing a platform for amateurs and professionals to interact. Let’s take a deep look into how it has changed the poker industry and how you can take advantage!


History and evolution

Early Years and the Founding

Mason Malmuth, a renowned poker player and author, founded Two Plus Two Publishing in 1998. Poker strategy books were the company’s main focus. A discussion forum was launched by Two Plus Two in 1999. From a single forum, it quickly became a popular place for poker players to interact.

Achieving authority in poker

More than 60 million posts have been made on the Two Plus Two forums over the past 20 years. More than 500,000 people have joined its community. Besides its online forums and publications, Two Plus Two also produces a poker podcast and an e-magazine. With its extensive reach across various media, Two Plus Two has established itself as an authority site for poker information.

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Overview of the Two Plus Two Forums

Some key Two Plus Two forums include:

  • News, Views, and Gossip (NVG) – Discussion of poker news and gossip
  • Strategy – Talking poker strategy and theory
  • Tournaments – Multi-table and single-table tournament discussion
  • Online Poker – Online poker rooms and cash games

With over 50 forums spanning numerous aspects of poker, Two Plus Two contains discussions on almost any poker topic imaginable.

Key Forum Categories and Their Significance

Some of the most popular and influential Two Plus Two forums include:

Forums dedicated to poker strategy and theory have over 32 million posts. Here, members discuss optimal plays, analyze hands, and develop new strategic ideas. These strategy discussions have informed the play of amateurs and pros alike.

With forums dedicated to prestigious events like WSOP in addition to general Online and Live MTT chatter, the Two Plus Two tournament spaces are always packed. Tourney grinders hit it constantly to vent, celebrate scores, swap tales from the tables, and geek out over edges together.

Especially in the 2000s boom, when internet poker took over the scene, the Two Plus Two forums were CRUCIAL for news, reviews, and gossip related to the top online sites. Plus, controversies like players getting scammed by Ultimate Bet were exposed.

While Two Plus Two lets members get into literally whatever topics they want with “light moderation”, they still have a certain community culture to respect. Long-standing forum heroes help show new visitors the ropes on posting etiquette and such. Overall, people mostly let the upvotes/downvotes dictate what bubbles up rather than excessive rules. It’s bred amazing convos.


poker strategy

Fundamentals of Poker Strategy

Some key poker fundamentals that always get heads rubbing together on Two Plus Two include:

  • Starting Hands – Figuring what cards you can profitably play from different positions
  • Positional Play – Adapting your style based on where you’re sitting
  • Bet Sizing – Optimizing your bets for value, as bluffs, etc.

With both average Joe’s and celebrated crusher pros posting, you tend to get super insightful back and forth on critical strategy pillars like these.

In addition to learning strategy, Two Plus Two has also pushed progress forward over 20+ years. Stone-cold thinkers like David Sklansky have pioneered ideas like game theory optimal playing style a ton on the forums. So, it’s become an awesome think tank for advancing poker minds.


Overview of Two Plus Two Publishing

In addition to its online forums, Two Plus Two Publishing prints and sells popular poker books written by leading figures like Dan Harrington, David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth. Some of their most influential titles include:

  • “Harrington on Hold’em” : This series detailed Harrington’s strategic approach to no-limit hold’em tournaments that helped shape tournament poker strategy in the 2000s poker boom.
  • “Theory of Poker” : One of the earliest books to systematically treat poker as a skill game, Sklansky’s work introduced many theoretical concepts like game theory to poker.

Contributions to Poker Literature

With dozens of titles translating core poker theory and strategy to both beginners and experts, Two Plus Two Publishing has produced some of poker’s most important literature. In print and later digital forms, these books have greatly improved how amateurs and developing professionals approach learning poker strategy.

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From Live To Online

Especially during the 2000s boom when internet poker started takin’ over, TwoPlusTwo forums were poppin’ with peak drama about the transition. Long-time live grinders were scratching their heads about new software tools, online play styles and rake structures. It made for super fertile ground for discussing necessary adjustments.

Comparing Online and Live Poker Dynamics

Some real differences between the internet and brick-and-mortar poker that had folks heated in debate for months include:

  • Speed – So many more hands get dealt per hour online. It’s a total game changer requiring adjustments.
  • Anonymity – Screennames on the net let you rep different strategy personas and profiles. Addiction potential is high key.
  • Stakes – You can play penny stakes to nosebleeds 24/7 from your laptop. It’s tempting but dangerous.

Obviously, the optimal strategy has evolved separately to play live versus online now that things have settled. But Two Plus Two hosted critical early theory crafting.

Two Plus Two’s Role in Online Poker Evolution

With online poker itself swelling faster than security and oversight could initially dream of, Two Plus Two provided needed transparency. Reviews exposed shady behaviour, news of site updates spread fast, and dream crusher lawyers even posted. It’s still a key place regulating the Wild West online scene today.


In the 2000s, Two Plus Two also launched the Pokercast podcast, covering all things poker each week for over an hour. Quickly became essential listening for poker heads looking to stay in the loop while grinding.

Trending Segments

Some fan-favourite sections with over 1,000+ episodes have included:

  • “The Lightning Round” – Rapid fire takes on multiple trending poker topics
  • Pro player interviews – Getting personal perspective
  • Media reviews – Books, movies, and shows getting the poker lens
  • Strategic concepts explained – Advanced plays broken down

Jumping between entertainment and education regularly, Pokercast has given the streets tons of value for 15+ years now.

Influence on Poker Media

As the first niche poker podcast, the Two Plus Two Pokercast demonstrated that there was a large potential audience for audio content about poker strategy, news, and culture. It paved the way for many poker podcasts that exist today while continuing to be one of poker media’s most recognizable brands.


future (1)

Emerging Trends in Poker

Some hype modern trends Two Plus Two sounding boards react to:

  • Rise of vlogging and streaming culture
  • Legalization considerations for regulated online poker
  • Poker training sites educating amateur armies
  • Continued AI progress threatening to crush humans

Debate rages, predicting how developments like these shape poker’s future. And what it means for individual player wallet sizes.

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With over 20 years under its belt, Two Plus Two has shown rare staying power in the fast-changing internet biz. They’ve adapted here and there to stay relevant without selling out.

Recently, founder Mason Malmuth announced Two Plus Two, now sold to Hand2Note, a poker tracking software company. Their young CEO, Andrii Plakhotnyi, seems excited to keep the iconic forums at the forefront while evolving the site tech. We’ll see — but a prudent passing of the torch could let Two Plus Two keep going strong for decades more.


The Two Plus Two Poker community has been at the forefront of discussion around poker for over two decades – educating amateurs, providing transparency about the poker scene, and advancing ideas. It has demonstrated remarkable longevity since its online roots began in the 1990s. By evolving thoughtfully with the times, the site remains relevant. Even though poker continues to evolve, Two Plus Two has enough history and significance to remain an important forum that brings poker enthusiasts together for news, strategy, and gossip for many years.

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